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Transport Trolleys F / L / TL

Our worldwide approved transport trolleys solving your in-house heavy load standards – safe Series F and L – the 3-point moving solution for safe and simple transport. F trolleys – the rear axle of the load moving system with an adjustable connecting bar to fit under heavy loads of almost any width. L trolleys – the front steering support with swivel top and tow eye to guide your loads safely. Wheels – special GKS wheels, that do not mark floors. Low rolling resistance and highest stability for numerous uses.

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Hydraulic Jacks

GKS hydraulic jacks meet the highest quality standards. For decades our equipment has proven to be exceptionally robust and durable. Our jacks are 100{267456aacdba2c7d4c7252ea61127a3a6da39f75488225f672edc918e22fc9ac} tested and approved before leaving the factory to assure proper functionality and appearance. The customer receives a ready to use, practical device for multi-purpose applications at any given site.

GKS- features:

• High-grade material
• Precision guideways
• Our well-proven forged safety toe with high safety margin
• Single-handed safety toe handling
• Testmark BGV D8 (D), ANSI/ASME (USA)
• Modular design for easy repair/maintenance
• Lifetime technical support

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Special Trolleys

GKS rotating trolleys are available for loads from 1 t to 6 t. The special bearings in our rotating trolleys allow easy moving and rotating 360° around its own axis. Use a set of 3 or 4 rotating trolleys or even more simultaneously, depending on the machine’s support points, load distribution and floor conditions. Depending on the situation a combination of rotating trolleys with L / F / TL trolleys is possible.

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