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Mr. J. Balu from Coimbatore/India is talented underway and worldwide appropriation of said lifting and moving types of equipment’s.

In light of this innovation and practically decade years of experience, he started to manufacture and distribute equipments for lifting and moving machinery and heavy loads for the Indian market. Our cutting edge items are designed for sheltered and dependable utilization upto a greatest weight of 100 tons. Wherever it is tied in with lifting up and transporting of substantial heaps of machines and gadgets, GKS India lifting and moving is your correct destination.

Hydraulic Jacks

All GKS lifting jacks are for single use. Only by request they are fitted with a drip-free rapid closure connector. This enables two jacks to be operated from a separate pump. By coupling two jacks the load capacity can be doubled as required.

Transport Trolleys

Each trolley is available in two versions, type F, in which the cassettes are laterally adjustable, and type L with its steerable trolley. Both have safety, which is in this field.pling two jacks the load capacity can be doubled as required.

Special Trolleys

For machines and heavy goods which are not suited to three points of support (e.g. frame construction), our TANDEM steerable trolleys are best specified for the job. They can be used together with the transport trolleys F3 to F12 as all share a common loading height.


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